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Cuteberry Kennel

Cuteberry is a family breeding kennel, which we established in 2009. We breed two breeds of good, the Coton de Tulear and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Our breeding kennel’s goal is to rear healthy, typical individuals and to maintain the nobility and beauty of these breeds. We live at the edge of the town of Komárno in a family house. The surrounding nature provides us with the ideal conditions for keeping dogs.

We became acquainted with the Coton de Tuléar by chance when we decided to buy a small indoor companion. We considered breeds such as the Havanese, the Bichon, etc. When trying to find a puppy we met the Coton de Tuléar. Our weakness for fluffy white fur and the Coton’s excellent character decided us. And so Mimi, full name Eimi Janus-Suzi, came to our home. The whole family immediately became besotted with her. You can find more information about her, her show successes and planned puppies in the Coton de Tuléar section.

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs caught our attention in a similar manner a little later. We wanted a dog that would be a guard dog and simultaneously an excellent companion. Important criteria included that it should not be aggressive and would have a good disposition towards children. The Pyrenean fulfilled all these conditions and so the decision was made. We brought our puppy home a week before Christmas in 2007. Snowball Henry, full name Rodentáli Talpas settled down very well and we began to think of a partner for him. While looking for a suitable individual we came across a wonderful Nordic bloodline and this year we acquired Pascino, Cubilon’s Pascal Parfait. You can find more information about them in the Pyrenean Mountain Dogs section.

And finally I would like to tell something about our fist dog, english mastiff, which died three years ago. More about him in the section In Memorian.